The first key question to ask yourself is “What would do I want my photos to look like?”

– Fun, candid and relaxed, with lots of candid expressions of us with the bridal party enjoying ourselves

Choose a location that is really close to either the ceremony or the reception. Cutting down the travel time means that your bridal party have more time to relax (more time to enjoy a few extra glasses of bubbles!) and means that everyone feels fresher in the photos. Beaches, gardens and even a simple white wall can give your photos that fresh, clean, natural look. Great beaches we love because they offer a combination of both garden/and beach include Balmoral and Neilsen Park in Vaucluse.
Another location idea for fun shots is Luna Park.

– Vintage feel, to fit in with the style and theme of our wedding

Think brick walls, sandstone and anything with a beautiful rich texture. The Rocks (in Sydney) is the ideal location for this type of look, because of its cobblestone footpaths, sandstone buildings and hidden alleyways. (A good photographer will usually know some amazing sneaky spots you’ve probably never even noticed!) Architectural elements such as stone archways, antique wooden doors and over hanging trees all add natural elements that will naturally frame you in the shot.

Other fantastic vintage locations include Sydney University, the QVB, Martin Place and Hyde Park (especially around twilight).

– Artistic shots that will make my friends go “WOW!” when they open my album

Invest in a good photographer whose work you’ve seen – and trust them! Our photographers love nothing more than a couple saying “We love your work, we trust you to be amazing!” Shooting from a bridge that over hangs across the road, wading knee deep into a river or even simply using off camera lighting held by an assistant can all result in absolutely amazing photos that look like nothing your friends have seen before. And be flexible. Weather conditions can impact what will look best on the day. Just because it’s over cast don’t avoid the beach. Big dramatic skies work when there are lots of clouds to add texture and depth to the sky, with the soft lighting making your skin look amazing.

– A combination of all of the above

Allow time. When you first walk out of the church, you may have 100 – 200 guests that all want to congratulate you, which is a wonderful part of the day to enjoy – and looks fantastic for candid shots. So allow time for you to enjoy the day, including 10 – 15 minutes to relax with champagne at the start of the shoot – and actually say hello to your husband for the first time! Not feeling rushed will mean that you look your best in the shots, will have time to go to multiple locations, and also have the time to change your shoot locations at the last minute if the weather is not your friend.

One great location we highly recommend for a variety of different looks in the one spot is Balmoral – think beach, green island and artistic shots under stone arched bridge.

Close by combinations include:
– Neilsen Park and the Watsons Bay Lighthouse
– The Rocks and the Botanical Gardens
– The Rocks and Hyde Park
– Callen Park and along the wharves at the Sebel Pier One or Jones Bay Wharf

(These locations are all around the Sydney area).

Extra tips to ensure amazing photos

Some locations may charge a fee to shoot at their location, so check with local councils or the venue. Such locations include the QVB, Sydney University, the Botanical Gardens and Pier 8. This fee is often up to $250 and when compared to the overall price of your wedding, is a small fee to pay to guarantee beautiful photos and a location that is limited to only a few couples on the one day.

It’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day!

And it can look fantastic in your wedding photos! Overcast conditions mean soft lighting that makes your skin look soft and dramatic cloud formations in the sky. If it looks like rain, we highly recommend investing in a set of matching umbrellas, one for each couple in your bridal party. Ensure they are a matching set, with no logos or other distractions on them, and if possible, select a white or clear umbrella that lets some of the natural, available light through. This will often allow you to still go to your preferred location, and can actually add an extra artistic framing element to the shot.

Ms Polka Dot says: Fantastic advice from one of our Directory members Rachael Bentick of Inlighten Photography. Be inspired to ask your photographer for stunning places for your photographs – perhaps you even know of a secret place off the beaten track!

Rachael says: Our photographer’s passion for wedding photography is obvious. Their enthusiastic personalities, coupled with a true appreciation of the importance of their work to their clients, is the perfect combination that ensures inspired artistic expression.

Natural, candid, stylish… in every sense……

Photography by Inlighten Photography