Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought we’d show off this very romantic Valentine’s Day shoot from Jack & Ruby Photography in Canada. Our very much in love couple are Cole and Des Hildebrand. Des is the brain behind design studio Paper Airplanes. I love this idea because to me, it seems like a perfect day (and I would win in Scrabble and beat Mr Polka by 10000 points, Happy Valentine’s Day Mr Polka!)

Kara and Becky, our photographers this afternoon explained the concept to me “The concept behind this shoot was to create a romantic day with a couple with Valentine’s Day as our inspiration.  It is based around a lazy Saturday… there are three “scenes” throughout the day, with them hanging out in bed in the morning, playing cards and scrabble in the afternoon, and then ready to head out for a night on the town in the evening”

The shoot took place at Level 3 Studios – Winnipeg Manitoba, D.I.Y Banner made by a fabulously crafty sister using supplies from Michaels and cupcakes from The Cupcake Corner.

Chris Radtke and Mark Hiebert of Paperback Films made the sweetest little behind the scenes video of the shoot.

Jack & Ruby Photography | Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot from Paperback Films on Vimeo.

Photos by Jack & Ruby Photography