Oh thankyou for bearing with us while we took a little longer break than usual this year! It was much needed and the Polka Dot Bridettes can’t wait to kick back into 2011 and share all the scrumptious goodness with you that has been filling my inbox for the past few months! But before we get into our official posts, we have a little announcement to make!

It’s time to announce the winner of our 2010  ““Win Your Dream Wedding Dress With Henry Roth” competition otherwise known as “My Dream Wedding Dress Just Landed On Earth And I Won It Competition…” Now for My Next Dream”! While in past years we were lucky enough to have a winners announcement, this year Henry Roth is busy with NYC brides to be in Kleinfield while battling the snow so instead we’re announcing it the old fashioned way!

A note from Henry too “LOVED all the entries!” Without further ado…..

You have won the wedding gown of your dreams!

Congratulations to all our other entrants too and thank you for entering and being a part of Polka Dot Bride- we can’t thank you enough for pouring your heart and soul into those amazing, amazing boards!