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Planning a wedding can be tiring, and for the most part if you’re organising everything yourself, highly emotional! In fact, if I’m completely honest, it can even be emotional for me as a wedding planner – working closely with the bride and groom I often develop a close relationship with my clients that only further encourages me to ensure every single detail is perfect for the biggest moment of their lives!

Planner or not though, as the planning process is so involved, it’s important to source the perfect vendor for you and in turn establish good relationships with your vendors and clear lines of communication. If you surround yourself with vendors you trust you’ll find planning your wedding much less stressful!

When researching each of your vendors it’s important that you get to know more about those on your short list.

Ask the important questions:

How long have you been in the industry?

Can you show me some examples of your work?

Are you able to put me in touch with a previous or existing client so I can talk to them about their experience with you?

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To get to this stage you obviously love their style so be sure your personalities are compatible. I often describe my job to others as a match maker between brides and their suppliers. I look at a few different aspects such as budget, style and personality and then advise on the supplier that ticks all the boxes for them. If you adopt the same approach you should have no problems at all.

Another thing to keep in mind is what I call “hidden gems”. Sometimes the best supplier for you isn’t always the heavyweight in that particular field. It might be a new florist to the industry that suits your style perfectly or an emerging photographer who’s got a brand new approach. In these circumstances there often isn’t the largest catalogue of previous work to view, but if there’s that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that’s drawing you in – investigate further!

Photograph from Green and Bloom

If you’ve hired the services of a wedding planner they should have a feel for the type of wedding you’re after and should easily be able to find great suppliers for you but if you’re planning your wedding without professional assistance, do your research and follow your instincts. More often than not, they’re right on the money!

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Ms Polka Dot says: Some timely advice for anyone planning a wedding! Employing a wedding planner can relieve the stress of wedding planning in so many ways – and they have ‘inside’ knowledge of the wedding industry that ensures you find the perfect vendors for your day!

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