Kym & Scott

It’s not very often we jump over the pond, but this polka dot wedding in Palms Springs seemed like just the right fit for today! Scott and Kym planned an “Old Hollywood” style wedding and injected glamour into every part of their day while encapsulating the bright colour that surrounds Palms Springs.

Scott tells the story of how he met his new wife. “We met at a bar embarrassingly enough.  I was there with a bunch of friends as was she and I told myself I’d be the happiest man alive if I could wake up next to a girl like that every day.  It took 2 years but eventually I got the chance to see her again and we’ve been together ever since.”

Photos today are by Taryn Kent– don’t you just want to dive into them and sip some lemonade with the bride and groom? So full of fun and sunshine! Scott says “She clearly has an eye for detail and a way of capturing real moments unlike many others.  We were lucky enough to have her at our wedding to shoot and have a bit of fun as well.Taryn drove out out to shoot the wedding, even though her sister was due to go into labour at any minute! After an exhausting day shooting, she returned to her hotel room only to receive a phone call an hour later that her sister had gone into labor – so into the car she hopped and drove all the way back to San Diego!”

Nancy Williams  of My Fancy Occasion was Kym and Scott’s wedding planner.

Kym made the stationery herself including using retro inspired Palm Springs postcards which acted as save the dates.

The wedding was held at the Parker Hotel, Palm Springs. Kim wore a gown by Ysa Makino and shoes from Gordon Rush. The bridesmaids wore black and white polka dot dresses by Aqua by Bloomingdales. Scott says “ I found the Tux’s at The Men’s Warehouse “Tux” Shop.  It’s a separate entity from just the regular stores.  You have to find them near your city.  The tux’s we rented were Calvin Klein classic look with bow ties.”

Kym and Scott met for a first look before the ceremony and then headed to a small lemonade stand for some glorious photos in the sunshine.

The dahlia bouquets were styled by Arrangements.

Scott says “We were married on one of the many little garden lawns the Parker has to offer.  The lawn we used is right next to the estate room at the Parker which was at one time Gene Autry’s home.” Kym walked down the aisle to Ben Harper’s “My Beloved One.”

Scott says “The overwhelming feeling of support from everyone was awesome.  It’s pretty uplifting to feel everyone’s happiness all together for you over the course of a day.”

The reception was full of so many details and dancing- with plenty of Frank Sinatra inspired tunes. Scott says “We were announced into the reception and went straight into our first dance to Otis Redding – These Arms.”

Congratulations Kym and Scott! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us today on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Taryn Kent for sharing today’s images!

Photos by Taryn Kent