Rebecca and Brent

Simple elegance is the mood of this morning’s wedding- our newlyweds are just simply in love and married in an intimate ceremony in Palm Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Rebecca explains how they met. “We were neighbours. We lived around the corner from each other in Melbourne, and always spied each other when we were out walking our dogs. The only problem was my dog was scared of Brent’s enormous Doberman so we never met out dog-walking as my dog wouldn’t go near him! We actually met at a local bar instead.”

SugarLove Weddings are this morning’s photographers- I think they’ve captured the intimacy of the wedding beautifully!

Rebecca and Brent married & celebrated at Jonahs Whale Beach. Rebecca says “We had recently moved to the Northern Beaches and thought Jonah’s would be great for us. It was the perfect mix of a beautiful beach setting with all the glamour of a boutique hotel. We both love LA and Jonah’s feels like a slice of Malibu in the Northern Beaches. It has a very international feel about it.”

Rebecca wore a gown & earrings from Mira Mandic Julia Green styled her hair and makeup.

The couple were married by Behrose Bilimoria. The ceremony was one of Bec’s favourite memories. “I really wanted the ceremony to be just as fun as the reception, as it’s traditionally the boring/serious bit. We had a really great celebrant who had the right kind of upbeat energy for us and I wrote the whole ceremony and we both wrote our own vows. That suited me perfectly, not just because I’m a control freak, but because the ceremony was completely us from start to finish and it told our story in a very funny way. I think I was laughing the moment I walked down the aisle and didn’t stop all night.”

French Flair Events styled the reception using white roses and plenty of candlelight. Rebecca says “I’m an Art Director so the aesthetic was so important to me. I definitely recommend using a stylist. Even though Jonah’s is v. beautiful, it just takes it to the next level when every detail like candles, flowers, chairs, tables etc is styled perfectly. I spoke to some other wedding styling companies but they didn’t feel like me, but as soon as I talked to Susie from French Flair I knew she totally got me, and the look I wanted to create. It made all the difference.”

Rebecca and Brent hired some added entertainment to kick off the celebration. “We also wanted to create a party feeling from the moment the wedding started. We hired a fabulous female cabaret act – The Margaritas – who kicked off the party atmosphere when they popped out in their amazing costumes singing “Going to the Chapel” as I walked down the aisle. They did different sets through the night – 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – and were so entertaining I think everyone got on the dancefloor at some point, and even if they didn’t, they had an amazing show to watch.”

The first dance was a memorable one. Bec recalls “Brent and I are no dancers, although I like to think I can bust a move, it takes Brent a good 4 or 5 beers to get on a dance floor. We knew everyone would think we wouldn’t do a bridal dance especially as we were not having a traditional wedding in many regards, so a month before we decided to surprise everyone. Being both kid’s of the 80’s we thought it would be very funny to dance to “Gold” by Spandau Ballet. We contacted a local dance studio and worked with a teacher to choreograph a very simple, very 80’s routine. On the night we had the whole place in stitches as it was so unexpected, and I think most people thought we were serious at first, which made it even funnier.”

Congratulations Rebecca and Brent! Thank you for sharing your wedding day on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to SugarLove Weddings for sharing today’s images!