It’s been a bit of a big week here at Polka Dot Bride! Firstly we were asked to be the first team in to interview Michael, a groom taking part in a Microsoft challenge down at Circular Quay in Sydney. Michael is planning his wedding to Jenny (holidaying on the Gold Coast as we speak) purely using Microsoft products and is doing so while living in what they call “the bachelor bubble”.  So I sent a video crew along with my trustingly prepared list of questions and advice (and the lovely Irene!) and they spent some time in the bubble.

It’s been an interesting experience watching Michael plan the wedding- you can see everything he is doing by checking out his SkyDrive, visit him (he’s in front of customs house in Circular Quay, Sydney)enter competitions and generally interact with Mike (through the Facebook page)- I’ve enjoyed watching it how he’s tackling it from a groom’s perspective. Today he’s picking all the clothing- including Jenny’s bridal gown!

A big thanks to Blue Chilli Technology for trekking down to the bubble for us on Monday and creating this fantastic video!