Lana and Frank

A beautiful Canberra engagement session from Christine at Pobke Photography today! The engagement of Lana and Frank!I am in love with the natural beauty of today’s session- Lana’s beaming smile, the golden glow of the sun and the fresh green grass. It’s such a beautiful love shoot!

Frank tells their story. “They meet prematurely back when Lana was a giggly 13-year-old schoolgirl. Frank’s sister Rosanna—one of Lana’s school friends—introduced them. Frank, being almost 19 and far to cool for Lana at that stage, spurned her immature attention. Their paths crossed again on Frank’s 28th birthday, when he headed out for a night on the town. After a few minutes of chatter, unable to refuse her astonishing good looks and captivating dance moves, Frank asked for her number. The rest was history. 4 years on, happy than ever, they only wished they had spoken sooner.”

Photos by Pobke Photography