A beautifully feminine colour (cotton candy to our US friends), that becomes surprisingly sophisticated with the addition of more ‘grown-up’ colours from your palette.

Combine with blush pink, black and white

–       With ivory and touches of deepest navy blue

–       With greens of all hues from lime through to olive green

–       With pale silvery greys and touches of pewter grey

–       With orange of the same intensity and pale or pewter grey

–       With coppery brown, pale grey and touches of olive green

–       With cream, old gold and  touches of cherry red

–       With  slate blue, pewter  and magnolia

–       With pale pinks through to deepest pinks and touches of deep red

–       With yellow and pale pink and touches of grey or old ivory

–       With taupe and ivory accessorised with tarnished old metal

–       Coloured glassware from green to ruby glass, milk glass, to black – any colour to fit into your chosen colour palette

–       Pearls – natural or coloured, crystal, vintage style fasteners, combs or headpieces, old metal filigree belt buckles, beading, silver, gold

–       Roses, peonies, ranunculas, maiden hair ferns, soft grey leaves, pink peppercorn berries and foliage, spring blossom, green berries, sweet peas, carnations, jasmine

–       A cake table – each cake featuring pink designs, pink frosting in varying shades of pink from pale to deep pink, pink embellishments on milk glass plates and cake stands

–       Whimsical touches such as ‘hundreds and thousands’ sprinkles, coloured sugar crystals  dipped or sprinkled on sweet confections, pearl or silver  cachous or edible hearts and stars, lollipops

–       If you do decide to go completely girly and pink for bridesmaids dresses, shoes, wedding reception décor, flowers, mens’ ties – tone it down using navy, black, grey or chocolate in glassware, tablecloths, candelabra,  borders on your crockery, flower containers and details

–       Dress each of your bridesmaids in dresses of varying shades of pink, tied together with fairy floss pink shoes and sashes, with bouquets of pink blooms incorporating all the shades of pinks used, add touches of silvery grey in leaves and ribbon around the bouquets

–       Go all out with the bride in fairy floss pink, and the maids in magnolia with pink shoes and sashes tied with a vintage style crystal filigree fastener. Flowers in magnolia with touches of pink. Add the counterpoint to all this femininity with the men in suits of charcoal grey

–       An elegantly simple bridal gown in magnolia with designs using silver, pink and pewter grey beading, being its most dramatic feature

–       Use paper products such as streamers, paper lanterns, paper balls, bunting, origami  flowers, to create backdrops,  ‘chandeliers’ above tables,  table decorations, paper twine to add a fun yet more ‘grown-up’ look to your décor. To add sophistication, throw in the odd ‘clashing’ colour from your colour palette such as  grey yellow or coppery brown

–       Buttons – use as a feature with fairy floss pink ad white toile fabric cloths and napkins, on clear favour boxes filled with pink macarons, white candlesticks filled with a mixture of white and pink candles, buttons threaded on wire randomly placed amongst the blooms,  buttons tying up your napkins

Cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, Pink lollipop from Candy Warehouse,  bridesmaids gown from Pronovias via Brides, Blushing pink hair flower from mydarlingmylove on Etsy