Oh Sydney, how you taunt me with your warm sunny weather! But alas, you’ve had a long cold winter too and this engagement shoot of Son and Vienna captures your vibrant Autumn colours and their formal clothes add something a little fresh to this stylish shoot!

Annie from Annie Q Photography captured today’s photographs and let me in on a little about the shoot.  “Sydney weather is unpredictable lately. One minute, the cloud is so thick and water pours down from the sky and the next minute you can see blue sky and the sun emerge. That was the weather on the day of this photoshoot. We talked many times on the phone, pondering on whether we should just cancel and reschedule for another day but in the end, we decided to just go ahead and see how the weather unfolded. And it was just perfect! Just like this couple, Son and Vienna.

They were just sweet and fun and so in love and we ended up having a ball. They met just shortly after finished high school and since then, much laughter and tears were shared and much pain through the game of tickling each other. Son said people say bad things happen in threes and so in 09.09.09, he forever changed that saying for Vienna. by kneeling on his knee to propose to her. Vienna, said to me, “Son never ever takes a day off work, not even when he’s sick”,  so that day was definitely a memorable day for her.”

Photos by Annie Q Photography