Anliette of Palais Floral shared her favourite place with us yesterday…

Wow..! I was elated when Ms Polka invited me to write about my favourite spot in the world..! The first thing that comes into my mind was obviously France. Now, as some of you who are familiar with Palais Floral, you may know that we ADORE Paris. However, I guess everyone would know how wonderful Paris is. So, I want to take this opportunity to share with you about a little part of France called Uzès. It is a beautiful petite village in South of France. I suggest you may want to “Google it” to find out more about its facts.

Uzès is full of charm, pristine clean, oozes romance and full of joie de vivre. As you know, the French are probably one culture who knows how to have a great lifestyle. Every Wednesdays and Saturdays the Market {Place aux Hèrbe} is just full of life and wonderful aromas filled the air with fresh Olives, Herbs – spices, les baguettes, fresh flowers and other French produits. Not only that our sense of smell is provoked, there is also musicians who play either their Accordions or Saxophones. The sound of music transcended through the little alleys around the village town centre. It is such an orgasmic experience of culture and French joie de vivre..!

If you like to get into this market and be one of ‘the locals’, go early.. as when it gets later – the tourists start rolling in.. And, you know it is much better to rub shoulders with the locals. I can spend hours in the morning just observing how they interact with each other, taking in the warm summer sun and a mixture of aromas around me. It’s exhilarating..!

Et aprés, after absorbing all the hubs and buzz of the lively market. I’d like to go home to tranquillity at our Palace – the birth place of Palais Floral. It is surrounded by miles and miles of Vineyard and Sunflower field {and this is just 10 minutes drive from the town centre by the way}. It’s a bliss to watch the sunset with a glass of wine, fresh olives et les fromages {bought from the markets, bien sûr!}.

Bon..! I hope you’ve enjoyed our short capture of our favourite spot in France!

Photos by Palais Floral