Feel like a Friday afternoon treat? This one is all about jewels! I love a classic Princess setting as much as the next girl, but I have to say this Friday afternoon I am drawn to the organic shapes and lines of these beautiful rings from the designers at e.g.etal contemporary jewellery gallery in Melbourne. E.g.etal has over 50 independent designers showcasing their creations- all are ‘one offs’ or limited edition pieces.

I love that each piece is a little different to the norm, there’s something special about seeing such a stunning ring like the one above take the place of a traditional diamond engagement ring and it’s even more of a treat to know you’re supporting local designers. (They also have a great range of wedders too for both men and women!)

Which is your favourite?

Top to bottom, L-R

1. Emma Goodsir Garden of Beloved white gold ring,

2. Nicky Hepburn Petit Pois rings

3. Amy Renshaw Domino ring,  Katherine Bowman Pledge ring, Emma Goodsir ring stack

4. Ali Limb Petticoat rings

5. Katherine Bowman wedders, Katherine Bowman Byzantium ring,  Katherine Bowman Random ring

6. Katherine Bowman Aurora ring, Camilla Gough Double Landscape series

7. David Parker Diamond ring, Amy Renshaw Architect and Checker rings

Photos from e.g.etal Contemporary Jewellery Gallery