Britt & Bob

I absolutely love how we can feature two amazing weddings in one day- each incredibly different and each incredibly beautiful! This afternoon is something a little brighter than this morning’s celebration- hot pinks, yellows and grey all the way from Colorado!

Britt, our newly married bride, tells the story of how the couple met, “Bob and I were roommates in Washington, DC. We lived in a house with 3 other people and for a while we were just really great friends. During the winter, I had been sick with a stubborn cough. I hadn’t gone into the doctor, but I woke up one morning to it being especially bad. I felt terrible and I went to the couch and started watching TV.  Bob came down the stairs and stopped to say hi before heading out to play basketball. I just started crying because I felt so terrible and just wanted to feel better. He said he’d be right back and ran upstairs to his room; I thought I had scared him off! He later said that at that moment “he would have done anything to help me feel better.”

He came back with his laptop and season 3 of The Office, which to this day remains our favourite show. Before starting an episode, though, he searched for emergency clinics where I could get in and quickly be examined.

It was that morning that we both knew we could love each other, even if it still took us a while to admit it.”

Fresh In Love Photography were the photographers, they inject such life and love into each photograph. It’s almost as if they pop right off the screen with the energy in them!

Britt says “We were married at the beautiful 910 Gallery in Denver, Colorado. The space was so unique! We had both our ceremony and reception at the gallery; there was a great patio and a smaller side gallery where we set up a bar.”

Guests signed pages around Britt & Bob’s engagement photos, later bound into a book on a table decorated in photos of the couple together.

Britt and Bob chose to see each other before the ceremony. Britt says, “Our first look session was incredible. We chatted and prayed together and then realized we were in a beautiful art exhibit surrounded by pieces depicting God’s faithfulness. It was a perfect place to just enjoy each other’s company before our wedding.”

Britt and Bob had a mix of music at their wedding put together by Britt’s bridesmaid. She says, “I was pretty traditional; I walked down the aisle to a piano version of “Pachelbel’s Canon in D”. The wedding party walked down to a piano version of “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. After the ceremony, everyone walked out to one of our all time favourites, Hall and Oates’,  “You Make My Dreams Come True” and that was pretty fantastic!”

A little of the couple’s hometown came to visit. Britt says, “We live in Portland and really wanted the pastor from our church here to marry us. Fortunately, he was able to come out and perform the ceremony so that was super special for us.”

The ceremony was filled with fun, heartfelt moments. Britt says “During our ceremony, one of my maids of honour and her boyfriend sang “our song,” Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s, “Lucky.”

There were two sort of funny things that happened at our wedding. One of my maids of honour and her boyfriend sang a song during our ceremony and as we turned to face them, Bob and I were taking to one another and it was just such a wonderful moment I leaned in and gave him a kiss. But then I realized you’re not supposed to kiss until the whole, “you may now kiss the bride” bit! I kind of gasped a bit and held my hands up to my mouth; I think my reaction was more noticeable than the kiss itself!

Also, during the ring exchange, I accidentally dropped his ring. So that was a little embarrassing!”

Britt wore a gown by Thread and her bridesmaids each chose their own grey dress that they paired with yellow ballet flats. Britt and her bridesmaids arranged the flowers together using blooms from Whole Foods.

The reception was a casual affair in the art gallery catered by Y.Lo Epicure.

Britt and Bob made the invitations themselves but they also put their own twist on dessert. Britt says “Well apart from making the invites myself, the dessert table was kind of my main labour of love. We didn’t get a wedding cake, but rather just had a variety of cookies made by friends and family. We really wanted our wedding to feel close and familial so the dessert table was a reflection of that. I spent hours searching through thrift stores for old plates that had that sort of vintage feel and I glued a few of them to teacups to create unique cake stands. Then we filled them up with different cookies and candy!”

There was a special first dance. “Alas, our first dance didn’t include any surprise routines or fancy moves, we just enjoyed a moment together dancing to Alexi Murdoch’s, “All of My Days.””

Amazing speeches….

And a family tradition – “After dinner all of our family came together around us and sang “Ain’t No Mountain High.” It’s a tradition my family does at weddings to signal a promise to support our marriage.”

Guests danced all night long in the art gallery under fairy lights. “ Our reception dance party was fantastic! Everyone was on the floor and people were really getting crazy!”

Thank you to Bob & Britt for sharing their wedding day with us today on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Melissa of Fresh In Love Photography for today’s photographs!

Photos by Fresh in Love Photography.