Spring is certainly in the air at Polka Dot Bride! There are photos full of pastel coloured flowers and sunshine landing in our inbox and everyone seems to have a little more pink in their cheeks!

Monday mornings are the one time of the week we pay special homage to those that support us and allow Polka Dot Bride to continue every day. Without their support, well it wouldn’t be the site it is today! So please support our vendors whenever you can!

This week’s vendor of the week is Melbourne musicians Baker Boys Band!

The Baker Boys Band may be based in Melbourne but they travel to Sydney and worldwide- not only that but they have a special discount for couples who marry in “exotic places”. They’ve just returned from a glorious wedding in Papua New Guinea where not only did they help a bride who was dying to have a  “Frank Sinatra style band” at her destination wedding at a 5 star resort, but they got to have a fantastic two week trekking holiday afterwards. So their policy? The guys in the band are guys who love nothing more than the idea of a seeking holiday in a country filled with head-hunting cannibals, surfing, incredible wildlife, and the promise of trouble.  So after playing their hearts our at the brides PNG wedding, the Baker Boys Band plan on hiking into the highlands of PNG for 2 weeks for a holiday.  It is a great deal for everyone!! The newlyweds gets the Baker Boys Band for a fraction of the cost, and the boys in the band get a crazy holiday!”

The Baker Boys band play a mix of Jazz, Swing, Rock, Gypsy music, Afro-Celtic, 80s and Top 40 and their musicians are some of Australia’s best- one just recorded with Crowded House on their new CD, another is a key member of amazing Australian band Cat Empire while yet another won an ARIA award for “Best Male Artist”. These guys are the cream of the crop! With combinations ranging from 3-14 band members, you can check them out at their regular Sydney (once a month) & Melbourne (once a fortnight) showing nights.

To learn a little more about the Baker Boys Band, we asked Baker Boys Band member Michael five questions in five minutes!

What is your favourite after five drink?

Vodka Martini. Yep – I always wanted to be James Bond.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Weekend?! For a musician?! I don’t know the meaning of the word.

Favourite restaurant?

Spice Market in Melbourne.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Ummm… Sunday morning? As I said, I’m a musician. I don’t see mornings on a Sunday.

Your favourite wedding story?

That is easy. A huge 1000 person wedding in Melbourne – the bride was a professional dancer. The groom was a professional ice skater. The bridal waltz was performed on roller blades, with full 12 piece band playing high energy swing. This was a complete surprise to EVERYONE at the wedding – they didn’t warn their parents, co-ordinator, band, or bridal party. The most amazing thing: they NAILED it!!! It looked like Olympic ice skating – full scale aerial acrobatics, lifts, swing moves – EVERYTHING. The couple wore their formal wedding dress throughout, black tie, and a beautiful wedding dress, specially designed to allow movement.

Everyone’s jaws dropped as we watched – and the band had serious trouble playing – we were so in awe of the dance routine. At first the crowd was dubious. By the end, 1000 people were cheering, applauding, going absolutely crazy!

Since the wedding, the band and bride have become great friends, and we regularly ask her and her dance friends to perform with us.

Visit the Baker Boys Band to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week! Baker Boys Band are a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory