Welcome to another Monday, another Vendor Of The Week and another chance to peek into the depths of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.

We research and look over every single applicant to our directory to make sure they’re the highest quality. We only accept those that we feel are the best fit for you- our readers. We’ve been loving all the unique and interesting businesses that are a part of our directory and we hope you can find your dream vendor in there too!

Our random polka dot tea cup selector seems to be on a bit of a Sydney kick lately and this week it’s chosen one of Sydney’s most recognisable locations! Opera Point Events At Sydney Opera House!

Opera Point Events creates the most amazing events at the iconic Sydney location. From their three areas within the Opera House and the additional Opera Point Marquee (which gives the best view over Sydney Harbour, from Rose Bay to the Sydney Harbour Bridge), the Opera Point events team tailor their service to suit your wedding. From amazing food & wine (under the guidance of top Sydney chef Simon Sandall) to the tables, chairs and styling, the team makes sure your event not only runs smoothly but looks fantastic (if you can tear your eyes away from that view!)

To learn a little more about Opera Point Events, we asked the lovely Erica her five questions in five minutes!

What is your favourite after five drink?

Campari and soda with fresh lime – it makes me feel like im in a piazza in Italy.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Going home to Adelaide to see my family and friends…and if im lucky being able to get to the Barossa for my fix of amazing wineries and local produce

Favourite restaurant?

ARIA Restaurant Sydney. Matt Moran and his team are geniuses in the kitchen

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Sunday is usually brunch with my husband and friends somewhere local that we walk to altogether. Great coffee is mandatory followed by runny poached eggs and toast – simple, honest, delicious food for the day ahead – and lots of laughs over the table.

Your favourite wedding story?

My two best friends finally got married after being secretly in love with each other since they met in high school! I helped them plan the wedding here in the Opera Point Marquee at Sydney Opera House. Both my husband and I were in the bridal party and we felt like we had been invited into their families – everything was magical – the venue with the harbour lights twinkling, the delicious food that my chef SImon especially designed and so much love in the room for some of my most favourite people in the world.

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