Today is a the mega post day of Stephanie and Joseph! There is so much packed into Stephanie and Joseph’s wedding- they carefully thought through every detail and worked so hard over the four months of planning to get everything into shape for their wedding day. (They even raised the floor level of the barn, plugged the water leaks, rebuilt the doors and built a small wooden bridge over the little creek!). But when it comes down to it, it was purely a reflection of who THEY are, what THEY love and it oozes through every photograph.

Along with a buffet of sweet treats, the wedding cake (a homemade four layered white chocolate cake with pistachio butter-cream filling) featured a nod to Stephanie and Joseph’s love of animals “Being animal lovers, we decided to have Joseph’s dog, Snoopy, as our ring bearer.  Her presence in the ceremony was very important to us.  We carried on the dog theme with the dog groom and dog bride as our cake toppers.  They were custom made to replicate Snoopy by an etsy seller.  My mum also made doggy bone-shaped shortbreads for the favours!” Stephanie handmade the tree branch chandelier from branches lying around the farm and had it strung with fairy lights. The couple reused an old cupboard and filled it with handmade tissue paper pom poms, photos of themselves and special memories while restored window frames held the guests seating arrangements.

Being eco-friendly didn’t stop with the ceremony, in fact Stephanie and Joseph’s mission to make their wedding as eco friendly as possible only got better! “Food was very important, given my addiction to cooking and eating.  We also believe in living sustainable lives and tried to incorporate sustainability into as many aspects of our wedding as possible.  So we had organic and 50% vegetarian food without any red meat (red meat consumes much more water and energy to produce than white meat).  We often eat at Mondo Organics and given their organic food philosophy, they were an obvious choice to be our caterer.

The sustainability theme also extended to using second hand items as much as possible for decorating the venue (90% of props were sourced from markets, op shops, people’s backyards, dump shops etc), using recyclable drink cups and napkins etc.  We chose to have favours that will last a lifetime (potted plants).  However we also supplied home-made cookies and tea (I love my tea!) for interstate and overseas guests who couldn’t take home the plants.”

The couple finished their wedding with a campfire- including marshmallow roasting!

A big thank you to Stephanie and Joseph for allowing us to share their wedding day on Polka Dot Bride! Congratulations on your marriage! Thank you also to Feather & Stone Photography for sharing today’s gorgeous photographs with us!