Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 11th 2008

Today we’re exploring the different ties a groom can wear. There are many different ties and knots and variations that can confuse the heck out of any normal human being.

The Tie

Photo by Joy Marie Photography

The most common choice of wedding neck wear, the tie can be knotted in a number or ways. What you choose is dependent on the formality of the wedding and your own personal style.
1. Windsor Knot-Wide, triangular knot. Considered to be formal.
2. Half Windsor- Neat, triangular knot, not as wide as Windsor knot.
3. Pratt Knot- A semi-wide knot. Tied with the tie facing outward (also known as the Shelby knot).
4. Four In Hand Knot- The most simple method. Narrow and slightly asymmetrical (also known as the Schoolboy knot).

The Cravat

Photo by GG Images

The cravat is a piece of fabric, often silk, designed to worn around the neck. With a similar look to a puff tie it is most suitable for formal weddings. They are often worn with a wing collared shirt. To ensure the placement of the cravat is perfect, it is preferable that it be worn with a waistcoat.

The Bow Tie

Photo by Jessica Claire

For formal weddings think black tie, or, for fun and happy weddings, a coloured bow tie is a nice choice. Coloured or plain black, it creates an elegant look and is really the only match to a formal suit such as a tuxedo.

Something to think about – when the groom and groomsmen wear ties that match the bridesmaids dresses exactly in colour, the photos will look all very ‘matching’ and more formal, whereas when they wear ties in a complementary colour such as a darker blue tie, with the bridesmaids wearing a pale blue, the look will be elegant and much less ‘matching’.

How to Tie The Tie

This is the most important part! Hopefully these videos will give you some tips and tricks to get the knot right!

Tying A Tie – Windsor Knot

Tying A Tie – Half Windsor

Tying A Tie – Pratt Knot

How To Tie A Cravat

How To Tie A Bow Tie