Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 17th 2008

There’s a bit of a groomsmen flavour to this week so let’s start with the basics!

Photo by Xiss Photography

You’ve been asked to stand beside your best mate on his wedding day. Here’s a quick guide for what your role as a groomsman entails.

Suit Fittings

Whether you or the engaged couple are buying or hiring your suit. Do attend suit fittings and ensure you have all the right attire – from socks to ties and shoes for the wedding day. Do you need cuff links or shirt studs?

Buck’s Night

Also known as the bachelor party this is your chance to throw a fabulous party to celebrate the groom! Do respect his wishes on what sort of entertainment he prefers. Don’t do anything to endanger the groom or make him feel uncomfortable. Celebrate your ongoing friendship.


Don’t forget to buy the newlyweds a wedding gift. Perhaps chip in with the other groomsmen to get something really special.


Do support your mate on the day. Calm his nerves, take him for a game of golf and have a laugh. Make sure he is adequately fed and hydrated (but not with alcohol!!) before the ceremony.

Mix and Mingle

Be on your toes! You may have to act as an usher for wedding guests, or help guests who are unsure of directions or what is happening next. Try not to stress the groom out with these minor details.

There are other roles a groomsman may be expected to perform at a traditional wedding. What part you will play will depend on the bride and groom and formality of the wedding.

* Attending the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
* Distribute programs/order or service booklets
* Place the aisle runner on the aisle after guests have been seated
* Escorting a bridesmaid down the aisle
* Dancing with the bridesmaids
* Decorating the getaway car

If you’re the best man you will have extra roles to play

* Coordinates the bucks night/bachelor party
* Looks after the wedding rings
* Witness the marriage certificate
* A speech at the reception
* May take on the MC role.
* Coordinates the groomsmen and ushers
* May be in charge of last payments to vendors made on the day

Most of all- have fun! Being a groomsmen is an honour and something you will be able to treasure.