Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 7th 2008

Welcome to Snapshot Sunday- The Groom’s Edition! You’re in for some bumper snapshot Sundays as Ms Polka Dot shares her favourite shots.

Today I’m posting my favourite shots of the guys getting ready. There’s often a quiet reflective nature to these shots- the complete opposite of the bride!


Photo by Bebb Studios

This is that typical groom’s shot of the shirt being done up and cufflinks being placed. I like that the photo is all about this moment.


Photo by Aj’s Photography

This is a gorgeous father/son moment. The focus on both their faces- the grooms chin raised high and his father coming in and helping him tie the bowtie. It’s an intimate moment captured beautifully.


Photo by Vrai Photo

Love the concentration in this photo as his writes (presumably his vows) deep in thought.


Photo by Xiss Photography

This reminds me of the photo by Drew B I posted of the bridesmaids ‘primping the bride’. I love the atmosphere in this shot- the sense of camaraderie and happiness. The colour is gorgeous too- what a funky group of men!


Photo by Vincent Lai

One of the few busy shots I’ve seen! I love how there is so much going on in this photo- buttons being done up, phones being answered. The mess of the bags and clothes strewn around.

What are your favourite shots of the groom getting ready?