Jennifer & Stephen

I was so delighted when I got a sneak peek at this engagement session. One of my favourite movies is The Notebook (romantic at heart, does that surprise you?) and today’s couple Jennifer & Stephen are also big fans of the movie!

Photographer Tiffany Coker of Avant Images shares the story with us. “The family property is amazing, and they simply call it “The Farm”…there is a beautiful antebellum style home that sits atop a little hill overlooking a lake surrounded by trees draped with spanish moss.  Several of the engagement shots were taken in one of three old railroad cars set on the property, and the one we shot on has been turned into a little bridge, so when you’re driving up to the house you go right through the train car!

The car in the background of several of the photos is a 1934 Ford coupe, and Jennifer wanted to incorporate it along with the vintage styling to reflect a sort of “Notebook” theme.  The treehouse in a few of the shots is actually the place where Stephen proposed to Jennifer, so it was important that we included that somehow as well.  Jennifer is actually a photographer herself, so both the engagement session and wedding (and rehearsal dinner now that I think of it!) we full of little details….believe it or not, they actually pulled their wedding together in 12 weeks!!”

Photos by Avant Images