I thought the best way to kick off Polka Dot Weddings was to share with you some wise words that have struck me from past brides.  Suzie recently married Rey (see their wedding on Polka Dot Bride) and offered these words of wisdom.

“I can say that no matter how much planning you do, there are just some unforeseen things that happen! My major drama was 6 weeks before the wedding when my dressmaker cancelled on me! She was doing my dress and bridesmaids dresses so I had 6 weeks to find me a dress or dressmaker quick smart and 2 bridesmaids dresses. It wasn’t easy – I wanted to stick to my budget, but at the same time wanted a dress that was ‘me’ . I actually came across Tea Rose Couture on Polka Dot Bride and it was the best decision. We chose fabric, designed and had my dress ready to go in time for the big day! The bridesmaids’ dresses I picked up for a bargain at the Rocks Markets in Sydney.

I also broke my toe 4 weeks before the wedding!! I think the adrenalin took over on the day and it was almost fine!

The whole day wasn’t rehearsed and I think that’s what made it so relaxed and fun! We had a general run time because you have to, but we just did whatever came naturally on the day and it just turned into a big celebration.. nothing seemed to phase me on the day. All I cared about was marrying the man of my dreams in front of all the closest people to us… our day was a dream come true! I want to do it again!”