Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 8th 2008

This week Polka Dot Groom is going to be joined by the queen of groom style- the sassy and clued in East Side Bride. East Side Bride is going to share some key groom style looks and have a little fun along the way! Today she’s starting us off with some good advice.


Photos by Stephanie Land.

The key to finding your style is to be yourself. Don’t try to change who you are, just improve on the personal style you’ve already got.

Don’t let the bride dress you up like a Ken doll if you’re not a tuxedo guy. But if you’ve always dreamed of getting married in Armani, speak up! It’s your day too.

You might be surprised what you can find on ebay or at a consignment store. My husband was fixated on a Jil Sander suit he saw in Wallpaper, and I managed to find it used for $200.

I recommend GQ’s Style Guy column for the basics on suits and blazers, plus formalwear advice that will keep you from looking like a waiter or a Whiffenpoof.

East Side Bride is going to be dropping in a lot this week, but you can see more stylish groom looks on her blog East Side Bride.