Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 12th 2008

Today East Side Bride joins us for her last style guide (for now anyway!) Indie Rock

The Killers from here.

I love the wild-west-meets-the-seventies look. These boys know how to rock a vest. And I’m a sucker for good facial hair. Don’t shave your beard (or your mustache, please!) for the wedding, whatever you do. Be yourself. And look like yourself in the pictures.

Photo by Laura Burlton.

This real-life groom also happens to be in a band. It shows in his f-it-I’ll-wear-what-I-want attitude. We all could use a little more of that. (Doc Martens are meant to be worn with tube socks, after all. Wedding or no wedding.)

Happy Friday! Crank up your stereo and dance with your bride! And thank you to the Polka Dots for hosting me this week. I had a blast.

It’s been great having East Side Bride here on Polka Dot Groom this week. We hope to have her visit again! Don’t forget- check out East Side Bride for more groom style!