Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 28th 2008

Yesterday we showcased ideas to spoil the bride, today- its tips to spoil the groom! Whether you choose to spoil yourself or leave this page open for your bride to be, there are plenty of ways to spoil yourself on your wedding day.

The International Beer Shop has a package called “Around The World In Twenty Beers”. This package will allow you and your groomsmen to sample delights from The Netherlands, France, England and more! They have a variety of beers from around the world and packages suited to your tastes!

The Secret Servant provides a “Grooming The Groom” service. The professional butler service includes services such as delivery of wedding day gifts between the bride and groom, transportation, skincare by a qualified therapist, speech assistance, butler attendance and much more.

Bridal Survival has created “The Groom’s Survival Kit” with everything you need for your wedding day. Contents include body products, Berocca, black socks, toothpaste, black shoe polish playing cards and more. As scouts would say “Be Prepared!”

Treat yourself to a day (or at least an hour) of pampering. Designed just for males, many salons offer male packages including massages, facials and event pedicures. Go on! You deserve it! Try The Big Event Package from Detail For Men in Sydney.

What’s your fifth special treat idea? Do share it with us!