Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride October 14th 2008

I wrote a few months ago about A Dandi Wedding where one of the crafty girls behind the Dandi label hand folded 140 origami lotus flowers out of Dandi napkins and placed chocolates in them for a wedding.

Another Dandi lady- Leezar emailed me to let me know she recently got engaged to her boyfriend Corey and shared her gorgeous engagement party invitations. Which were of course, handmade and hand stamped!

First up the invitations- Leezar decided on a chocolate and red theme –

Leezar’s favourite colour is chocolate brown and Corey’s red! I love the sweet little apple!

Each letter stamp was mounted onto a wood block.

The finished product! Leezar hand stamped every letter on the envelopes.

I love this touch- it’s so personal and shows off Leezar’s craftiness! I think the Dandi office would be a great place to work with all the gorgeous crafty skills the girls have!

Check out the Dandi website to peek at more of their creative work!