Welcome to another week on Polka Dot Bride! First up, we have Ms Polka Dot’s Directory Vendor Of The Week!



Our vendor of the week this week is Siobhan Donoghue Design. Having lived, traveled and studied all over the world and working with some of the industry’s best known names, Siobhan creates beautiful hand painted bespoke maps and stationery for your wedding printed on the finest European card stock.

To get to know Siobhan a little better. We quizzed her five questions in five minutes!

What is your favourite after five drink?

I’m definitely a G’T person at five. I have recently discovered handmade Henricks Gin from Scotland. YUM! I also love the artisanal quality of the distilling. Needless to say I love handmade things.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

This is a tough one. I have not been in Australia long enough to have a favourite yet since everything is still very new. The best weekends thus far have been to a family farm in the Otways where there are chooks (new word for me ),cows,  kangaroos, beautiful views in all directions, fabulous food and lots of family and friends around to make it fun and festive.

Favourite restaurant?

Hmm tough one. Melbourne is filled with fantastic restaurants. If I had to choose one it would be Da Noi on South Yarra. For pre dinner apertif, without a doubt Enoteca on Gertrude street.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Crispy bacon, poached eggs on Zeally Bay bread. We’re friends with the bakers/owners and love their organic bread.

Your favourite wedding story?

I am always curious about how couples met and most knew when they first met that they would end up together.  My parents met on a plane flying from NYC to Montreal. My Mom was and is a terrible flier. She had been down to the big apple on a shopping spree with her best friend who proceeded to fall asleep as soon as she sat down in her seat. My Mom sat there nervously as the plane was delayed. Needless to say she started to think there were mechanical issues. Finally a man hurried on board and they closed the door. He sat down beside my Mom. She looked nervous (so my Dad has told us) and asked if she might like to talk. By the end of the flight he asked her out and they have been happily married for over 40 years.

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