My affection for Turtle Love Committee has been present for months. I’ve admired their rings, wished for their earrings and been inspired by their necklaces.

Turtle Love Committee was started by Adrianne Zahner. She worked at a Boston law firm and decided she wanted a unique engagement ring, when she couldn’t find one she started her own!

I love that the jewels on Turtle Love Committee works really hard to find small artisans creating unique pieces, they’re also focused on minimizing their environmental impact and focus on making sure the ring buying process is about the symbol of commitment couples make during marriage- not the cost or size of the ring.

The designs and the motive behind their concept are authentic and beautiful and something that inspires me.

turtle-love-commitee-eco007 turtle-love-commitee-eco006

turtle-love-commitee-eco005 turtle-love-commitee-eco004

turtle-love-commitee-eco003 turtle-love-commitee-eco001

Photos from Turtle Love Committee