Australian brand Peeptoe Shoes have recently launched their range of bridal shoes. With the signature sky high Peeptoe heels, the designs have fun names like “Mrs. Honeymoon”, “Mrs Bouquet” and “Mrs Kiss” and come in satins and leathers adorned with bows, crystals, piping and lace.

I love the classic styles and think for a tottering bride- these would be a lovely choice! Some of the designs are available with the signature Peeptoe purple sole and everyone knows I love an unexpected splash of colour!

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes011 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes010

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes009 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes008

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes007 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes006

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes005 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes004

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes003 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes002

Photos by Peeptoe Shoes