For as long as I can remember, when I’ve wanted bridal inspiration in the form of gowns with a really unique hit, I’ve looked to Culture Bridal Couture (formally Culture Shock).

The gowns always have this amazing twist that makes them really unique- Japanese fabric tied in an obi bow, Indian beading and beautiful silks.

Each gown created by Culture Bridal Couture seems to beautifully capture the essence of a cultural influence in a graceful way.

Culture-Bridal-Couture012 Culture-Bridal-Couture010

Culture-Bridal-Couture011 Culture-Bridal-Couture008

Culture-Bridal-Couture009 Culture-Bridal-Couture005

Culture-Bridal-Couture002 Culture-Bridal-Couture006

Culture-Bridal-Couture007 Culture-Bridal-Couture004

Culture-Bridal-Couture001 Culture-Bridal-Couture003

Photos from Culture Bridal Couture