A lovely neutral – not quite latte, not quite grey, but with a touch of both.

Combine with any of the browns

–       Creams, off whites, white

–       Rust and bronze brown

–       Metallics – silver, bronze, pewter

–       Apricots of any shade

–       Greens – of any shade from Kelly to sage to spring green

–       Pinks – from old rose to baby pink

–       Berry colours – deep amethysts (the purples with a grey undertone), deep berry red

–       Blues – navy, sky, Tiffany or baby blue

–       Dresses in this colour lend themselves to lots of embellishment – pleating, lace, beading

–       Suits for the men could be black, very dark brown or even a charcoal grey with a brown tinge to the fabric

–       Add texture to the scheme with soft lustrous fabrics, linens, rough and smooth, shiny and dull

–       A disciplined approach featuring only this colour and the off white of your bridal dress, broken by touches of dark green in leaves and the occasional dark green candle or bead to add a jolt of colour, sparkling glassware

–       Use this as your secondary colour in an all magnolia colour scheme. Add taupe beaded sheer or lustred fabrics to the tables, taupe candles and candlesticks, taupe or white dinnerware, magnolia flowers in off white containers, taupe ties for the men with black suits, a magnolia  coloured cake with subtly shiny taupe embellishments

–       For the bride a very pale version of taupe in a softly lustrous dress with a darker taupe mantilla style veil and shoes – great if you have very dark red hair or dark hair

–       Lilies, clematis, stephanotis, magnolias, sugar frosted fruit, autumn fruits such as pomegranates, autumn leaves, grape vine leaves, hydrangeas – any flower that ties with your chosen colour scheme

–       Speckled feathers, seed pods, twine, delicate filigree, tiny delicate bird’s nests with speckled eggs, paper butterflies or flowers – chose one or a few to include in your table settings

–       Metallic shoes, pearls, crystals

–       The bride in soft white, the bridesmaids in soft taupe dresses with a simple shape and great ornate earrings

–       Use this colour as a simple restful background with French inspired theme – furniture, flowers such as full blown roses everywhere, heavily patterned fabrics, crystal chandeliers, ornate glassware – think Marie Antoinette and the French court

–       Favours such as tiny bottles of liqueur, handmade chocolates with a coffee cream filling, marzipan ‘fruits’, nougat

–       Have fun with taupe and soft white stripes for a ceiling tented effect, tablecloths


Boutonniere from Martha Stewart Weddings, choker from BlueRootPress, Ballet flats from Dessy, Invitation from All’Antica