I am so fascinated by Australian native wedding bouquets, so when Rita of Blooming Brides sent over some her latest Australian native flower creations, I wanted to share them with you!

Australian natives are a beautiful choice for wedding flowers- there are so many rich, earthy colours and unusual textures.

King Protea with David Austin Roses


Leucospermum and Leucadendron bouquet


Bridesmaids bouquet of mixed leucadrendron and gumnuts


Bridesmaid bouquet of mixed spring natives with sugar and spice blushing brides.

australian-native-wedding-bouquets016 australian-native-wedding-bouquets007

Bridal bouquet including  a mix of spring natives with sugar and spice blushing brides. Buttonholes of blushing brides with seed pods.

australian-native-wedding-bouquets008 australian-native-wedding-bouquets010

Centrepieces of Australian natives



Centrepieces of red waratahs and green leucadendron

australian-native-wedding-bouquets004 australian-native-wedding-bouquets003

Photos from Blooming Brides