I am so excited to finally be able to share with you the beautiful Sydney wedding of Bonnie and Paul. Not only is the wedding a feast for the eyes, but it also happens to be the wedding of lovely Australian wedding blogger Amour Amour.

Bonnie says “We met at work- we sat right next to each other!!

I actually had a boyfriend at the time and Paul was just a friend however there was something there that we didn’t initially see as people used to tell me that we would get married one day- which I obviously thought was bizarre at the time! Then one day I turned to my flatmate and asked her if she thought I liked Paul… she burst out laughing and just yelled “YES!!”  In fact, her sister had said that we were like two people in a movie that didn’t know we were in love but everyone else knew. And the rest I suppose is history!!”

Bonnie and Paul wanted an elegant feel with a hint of formal glamour on their wedding day. A classic colour palette of creams with dusty neutrals and bronze set the tone of the day.

Today’s photos are by SugarLove Weddings.

The night before the wedding, Bonnie and her bridesmaids spent the night in a hotel suite with champagne, spa baths and beautiful candles. Paul had a huge bunch of flowers delivered the morning of the wedding  with a note saying “I can’t wait till you walk down the aisle and I spend the rest of my life with you”.

bonnie_and_paul_001 bonnie_and_paul_002

Angels Dreaming created bouquets of roses.

bonnie_and_paul_003 bonnie_and_paul_004

Bonnie wore a Pallas Couture gown. Pallas even held back their new ad campaign featuring the gown until Bonnie’s wedding was over. Bonnie’s wedding day look was created by Gillian Adams Salon & Spa.

bonnie_and_paul_006 bonnie_and_paul_010

Bonnie paired her gown with bronze Gucci heels.

bonnie_and_paul_011 bonnie_and_paul_013


Bonnie’s bridesmaids wore different gowns from Badgley Mishka.

bonnie_and_paul_016 bonnie_and_paul_018

bonnie_and_paul_019 bonnie_and_paul_020

Bonnie walked down the aisle with her brother Alexander to “Into My Arms” by Nick Cave, which suited her wish for something a little nontraditional. The couple married in St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Lavender Bay. Bonnie is not a practicing Catholic but wanted to marry in a church while Paul is agnostic and was happy with the traditional feel.


Paul is well known for being loud amongst friends, so when the priest asked him to speak up during his vows, it sent Bonnie into fits of laughter. The church was decorated by Bonnie’s mother and her fiancé and featured big urns filled with roses and lilies.

bonnie_and_paul_022 bonnie_and_paul_023


bonnie_and_paul_026 bonnie_and_paul_031


bonnie_and_paul_032 bonnie_and_paul_033


bonnie_and_paul_038 bonnie_and_paul_039

bonnie_and_paul_041 bonnie_and_paul_042

Bonnie wore vintage jewels and jewelry from The Family Jewels.

bonnie_and_paul_043 bonnie_and_paul_049

bonnie_and_paul_044 bonnie_and_paul_046



Check back this afternoon for Bonnie and Paul’s gorgeous reception!