The team at Melangerie in NYC always create such innovative and delightful stationery pieces. I really love the latest products they’ve come up with!


The new genealogy chart or “Who’s Who” uses colours to indicate how guests are related to and know the bride and groom. It’s available in your custom colour palette and would make such a great talking point for your guests.



The “What’s Where” guide can be customised in the same colours as the “Who’s Who” chart. It provides information for your guests on the venues, restaurant recommendations, leisure recommendations and hotels.

The charts are small enough to pop into a welcome bag or give to guests. There are also fun new guest gift bag packaging options. Which I think look fun with the “What’s Where” guide attached.



The Six Degrees Of Separation product is a similar concept to the “Who’s Who” chart but a little more whimsical. Presented in a book, each guest is named with symbols indicating how they know the bride and groom.

Anything that breaks the ice between guests and becomes a talking point is a winner with me. There are so many awkward moments if a couple knows no-one else at the wedding, to provide the information like this in a fun and stylish way can help everyone feel a little more comfortable.

Visit the Melangerie NYC website or the Melangerie Etsy store for more. Photos by Melangerie NYC