Spirit of the Black Dress

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week recently showcased an exhibition “The Spirit Of The Little Black Dress”.  Showcasing the talents of Australian designers, the exhibition also paid homage to the versatile little garment we call the little black dress.

It also made me think of how he little black dress has started to creep into bridesmaid fashion. When it was once considered a faux pas to wear black as a bridesmaid, black provides more options and more versatility for your maids. If you’re worried the look may be too dark, pair it with something bright – bright flowers, amazing shoes or fabulous jewels.

Mike and Ashley - May 17, 2008

Ashley put her maids in little black frocks with peeptoes (Photo by Pamela Marie Photography)


A classic black and white combination (Photo by Nerida McMurray Photography)

007natasja kremers phot

Love the elegant pale bouquets with black gowns in this wedding (Photo by Natasja Kremers Photography)


Dana dressed her bridesmaids in full length black gowns for her Mexican wedding (Photo by Rodrigou Cassou Photography)


A touch of pink, glamorous earrings and cream bows were chosen by this bride (Photo by Nerida McMurray Photography)


Jenna of That Bride (now Wife) asked each of her maids to wear a black gown. (Photo by Kelli Nicole Photography)


Deonne dressed her maids in black halter neck gowns with bright green bouquets (Photo by SugarLove Weddings via Alannah Rose Stationery)


I love how each gown is different yet all look coordinated.(Photo by Laura Westover Photography)


Glamorous bridesmaids in black (Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography)


Love the vibrant orange tones incorporated into these black bridesmaid dresses. (Photo by Nerida McMurray)


Karina’s bridesmaids wore black dresses with a brightly coloured sash. (Photo by Amy Carroll Photography)


Heidi and Chris used a colour palette of black, green & white for their wedding (Photo by Drew B Photography)


Katelyn coordinated her many bridesmaids in black gowns (Photo by Jason Angelini Photography)


Lisa went for over the top glam (photo by Natasja Kremers Photography)


Black frocks with brightly coloured shoes makes a great statement at Kelli’s wedding (Photo by Laura Kay Photography)