Today is a very big day in Polka Dot Bride history! I am so excited and proud to launch Ms Polka Dot’s Directory! This is a project that has been in my head for years and that I’ve been working on for months and I am so relieved to finally let you in on my secret!


Prue from Gigi & Lulu was the amazing designer behind this directory. I think she knows my vision better than I do and I think she did a pretty fantastic job of executing it!

It’s been a big month for Polka Dot Bride, we’ve finally moved to our brand spanking new host (although I’m still keeping him up late to make Polka Dot Bride better!) and Ms Polka Dot’s Directory marks the first step of many I’m going to be taking with the blog over the next few months.

We have some massive things in store for you and I am so excited to make this experience even better for you.

Back to you – YOU are who Polka Dot Bride is about. So this directory is also all about YOU. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like, what suppliers you’d love to see there – I want this to be somewhere you feel comfortable and somewhere you enjoy!

The directory is focused on Australian suppliers, but we have room to grow with space for our international friends and particularly New Zealand wedding vendors!

Our content remains the same – we do not take payment for posts and the only things on the blog are things we love, and hope you will too!

On that note, with all of these changes and the focus on you, we’ll be putting together a survey in the next few months for you to tell us your views. None of this is possible without our readers and we never take you for granted!

We still have a lot of work to do on Ms Polka Dot’s Directory, listings to add and bits & pieces to upload (although I roped Mr Polka Dot into it all weekend we’re still not quite finished!) If you want to refer someone you think should advertise or want to advertise yourself just contact us!

Our advertisers are valued by us – they support the blog but they also believe in it. They’re also ready, willing and waiting to help out Polka Dot Brides! So please, take the time to look through the Directory and support them and if you do, let them know you found them here!

On a final note, Ms Polka Dot’s Directory would not have been possible without the help of a few people (including fantastic, amazing Prue) whose help and support means more than they will ever know.

Looking forward to an amazing new step forward for Polka Dot Bride!