Dear Polka Dot Bride readers,

As you may be aware the website lately has been slower than normal and has been having a few connection issues. We have seen tremendous growth in the Polka Dot Bride readership and for this I must thank you all for your continued enjoyment in the information we bring to you on a regular basis. This however has created for us the need to improve ourselves to benefit you!

As a result we will be moving our hosting to a new provider. We thank our previous provider for their support since the beginning of Polka Dot Bride, however moving to the new host will allow us to continue to expand and continue to provide the first rate experience Polka Dot Bride has been bring you the readership of the last (almost!) three years.

This is exciting times for us at Polka Dot Bride, with many new exciting things about to come to life! I’m looking forward to growing with you and bringing you more new and exciting content over the coming years. I hope that you will continue to take this journey with us and enjoy all the beauty that our industry has to offer.

So in this spirit we are planning to move to our new host today the 17th of September which will result in a temporary down time. However the downtime should be minimal and will result in a much better experience for all of us!

I’d like to thank you, my amazing readers for your continued readership and can’t wait to unveil the new developments over the next few months!

Photo by Heather Bailey