Today’s wedding is simply beautiful. Organically based with beautiful elements! Troy, the groom has told me the most beautiful stories about his wedding day that I’m going to share them with you today!

Mei and Troy met at a web design firm in Perth which also happened to be above their reception venue! The couple would sneak out to lunch together and made sure they left work a few minutes apart so nobody would notice their secret courtship. After months of successful covert relationship tactics, Mei opened her email one day to find an email containing a photo – it had a picture of Troy’s car, with a big arrow pointing to it with large text stating “Troyota Starlet”, which was parked out the front of “Mei’s house”, also with large text and arrow, and beneath it, in large bright pink letters “Love shack, baby!”. Mei panicked and switched off her monitor and scanned the office for the offender. Once everyone knew, the couple became inseparable.

Mei and Troy hail from New York but returned to their hometown of Perth to celebrate their marriage together with their family and friends. Mei and Troy wanted their wedding to be simple, homely and elegant. The couple didn’t want to needlessly impact the environment and to be easy for their guests while keeping with Australian traditions. The day before the wedding, the couple held a traditional Chinese tea ceremony keeping with Mei’s family tradition.

Planning from New York proved a little difficult for the couple, so they hired Jenn of The Original Wedding Company to help them source suppliers that would keep in line with the organic, eco friendly spirit they wanted for their wedding.

The wedding was planned to be as organic as possible and Mei and Troy thought out all their details to make this happen.

The wedding today is captured by Samm Blake.



Troy’s suit was by Duncan Quinn, an ex- lawyer who moved from London to New York to practice law. Dissatisfied by the suits on offer, he started designing his own and was soon overcome with requests. He wore shoes by Pensador Browns from Bourgeois Boheme. The company specialises in vegan footwear and all shoes are fair trade, use ecological materials and utilize fair labor.



Mei wore a gown designed by Claire Pettibone from Kleinfield in New York. Her shoes were from My Glass Slipper.


Samm Blake and her assistant picked Troy up before the ceremony and took him to Mei’s mother house where the couple had their first look on the front steps. They then ventured around the city for photographs before the ceremony. Mei and Troy booked their wedding date around Samm’s availability. They wanted photos that brought the soul out of people and fell in love with Samm’s work.



Mei’s bouquet and the other flower arrangements were created by Flowers By Michelle. Locally sourced, native flowers were a deciding factor for the couple. The reception flowers were simple and understated and the couple wanted them to have a life beyond the wedding so were able to be taken home by guests.






Mei and Troy took a different approach to buying Mei’s engagement ring, they wanted something with character and they have a love of antiques. Troy found a a 1920s Edwardian French ring Marisa Perry in New York. The store was only selling it as a favour  for a friend which amazed Troy when he spotted it! Troy says it is the most beautiful ring he has ever seen. An Edwardian style wedding ring band was found at LaMont jewellery. Troy’s ring is a vintage ring from Doyle & Doyle.

As a gift for Mei before the wedding, Troy found Mei some Georgian earrings at Doyle & Doyle that appear to be Portuguese (estimated to be over 300 years old).  Mei’s father comes from Malaka in Malaysia, which has Portugese heritage, so the relevance of them was appealing to Troy.



Check back this afternoon for their ceremony and reception!

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