I think the Sony digital photo frame giveaway has to be one of my favourite comment competitions we’ve run on Polka Dot Bride. Every comment had a beautiful story to tell and every single one of you made my day with your words! This was such a hard competition!

Unfortunately we can only have two winners, who I am happy to announce:

“My favourite photo is one of my grandfather taken about five years ago. He’s sitting under one of the beautiful trees in his tropical garden, in his battered gardening hat, wearing socks with his sandals and smiling off into the distance – my cousin took the photo without him realising it. We have other photos taken when the tree was still tiny and my grandfather had only 2 grandchildren, not the 24 he ended up with. In this photo, you can see the handsome young man he once was matured into the seasoned man I knew and loved, and the photo just oozes his peace and contentment with life.”


“My favourite photo is one of myself, my brother my two sisters and my fiance, taken as a self-portrait. I am amazing we squeezed all 5 of us in the one frame, self-portrait style, with happy looks on our faces. It was taken before my fiance and I moved overseas for 18 months and I kept that photo on my bedside table the entire time. Now that we’ve moved back to Australia I live in a different city to my family so the picture is still there on the bedside table. These are the people I care most about in the world, I love seeing this happy pic everyday, it was such a great picture of a great night out with my family.”

Congratulations to you both! A Sony DPF-D72 Digital Photo frame is now yours!  I will be in touch soon with more details!

Stay tuned to Polka Dot Bride, we have a a few months of absolutely fantastic prizes to give away!