The latest romantic comedy to hit our screens, The Proposal (starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds) promised a lot in the trailer and I’m happy to say (despite very mixed reviews) this was one movie that I think actually lived up to it’s promise.

I’ve never walked away disappointed from a movie starring Sandra Bullock- she has a strong, unassuming beauty about her and Ryan Reynolds stepped up to the plate and held his own with Sandra’s character. There is a great chemistry between these two. One I never expected.

The cold and nasty boss (but well dressed) Margaret played by Sandra Bullock is forced to come up with a quick plan to stay at her high paying, corporate job or be deported. The pawn in her plan Andrew agrees and the pair are soon in the middle of Alaska trying to feign a relationship.

Although it follows the typical recipe for a romantic comedy, it did check the boxes for me. Great shoes (check), gorgeous wedding with sentimental touches (check). But it wasn’t the “write script, add leads and water” formula. The Proposal is still ultimately a romantic comedy, but there’s something to sink your teeth into with this one and it hits the moments it needs to in a satisfying way.

The comedy is solid and rarely disappointing. The humor is thought out and not cheap (even if the dog humour may leave you ashamed at your laughter!).

The Proposal is a great movie to take you away from the stresses of wedding planning and a nice way to spend an afternoon. The Proposal earns 3.5/5 dots!

Photos from The Proposal Official Website