A mid range tone – bright, spicey and joyful!
– combine with mid grey, soft grey and touches of black for elegance

– white, white and more white, with the smallest touches of dark jewelled jade green, or turquoise or deep purple maroon

– greens from jade, spring green, blue green, grey green, lime/fern green

– brights – jade green, ochre yellows, vibrant blues

– slate grey blue, delphinium blue, or a softer hyacinth blue with the tiniest touches of cherry red

– tulips, ranunculus, dahlias, grey succulents, lilies, poppies, orange toned roses, sprays of orange blossom and oranges, berries, Australian native flowers such as banksia, eucalyptus, hakea, Christmas bells, proteas

– peaches, pomegranates, lemons, limes, apricots, small pumpkins. cumquats

– go faux with bright ceramic fruit amongst your floral arrangements

– tables set with bright coloured crockery, pottery vases in bright hues grouped together stuffed with abundant foliage, delphiniums, tulips, picking up the colours of the tableware

– wrought iron chandeliers, seating

– zesty orange satin covered bridal shoes or groom’s socks

– patterned ceramics – vintage or Morrocan, beaten metal platters, wooden trugs

– pewter, copper, silver or gold – may have an aged, ‘distressed’ look

– lots of sparkling glassware, floral vintage dinnerware

– many different coloured candles in silver or beaten metal candlesticks grouped in key spots (e.g. dessert table)

– favours – jars of homemade marmalade, preserved cumquats, preserved lemons, handmade honey or fruit soap, orange and Grand Marnier sauce, orange flavoured chocolates, orange patterned marbles

– fresh summer food – crab, lobster, prawns, mangoes, kiwi fruit, strawberries, fruity icecream and sorbet buffet, or old fashioned warming winter roast pumpkin soup, trout, salmon or duck with orange sauce, crepes suzette

– wedding cake adorned with small orange polka dots, orange ribbon and varying tones of orange in the flowers

– orange jelly beans, lollipops, jelly snakes, jelly frogs or babies, jaffas (orange choc balls), sugared orange slices dipped in chocolate, orange popsicles


Tulip bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, food photo from Pronovias via Brides,  Jelly beans from Brookside Chocolates, Christian Louboutin Pass Mule wedges from Bluefly