A soft feminine colour that looks charming with dark, blonde and especially dark red hair, use this gorgeous colour as a different take on pink.

– Combine with coffee and cream and perhaps touches of soft bronze/brown

– with soft dove grey, white and black

– with pale to mid spring greens and soft yellow and white

– with soft watermelon pink and pale yellow/orange enhanced with sage green

– with soft aqua blues and white for a seaside wedding. Add a ‘string’ colour in linen pants, add shells in bowls, napkin ties, edges of tablecloths, starfish, mother of pearl shells and plates, serving spoons, driftwood

– to reduce the ‘sugariness’ of this colour try stripes in soft grey in table linen, piped in black, apricot napkins and blowsy apricot roses. Add a runner of apricot edged in grey or black to one or two tables such as a dessert table or head table

– roses in varying shades of apricot to orange, cream roses, lilies, lily of the valley, tulips, generous arrangements of sugar coated fruit in silver or glass serving dishes

– apricot lace overlay on a heavy satin apricot or cream dress

– capiz shell lamps, wind chimes, capiz shell dishes

– freshwater pearl jewellery in natural, apricot or grey colours, pearlised dinnerware or cutlery handles

– coppery metals, silver, gold, glass and white reception accessorising. Make a feature of the metal used by using it abundantly e.g. use lots of silver in vases, dishes, cutlery

– custard apple ice cream, mangoes, apricots, peaches, fresh summery food, a cupcake bar – lots of different flavoured cupcakes iced in all the colours of your palette

– a vintage style apricot dress, floral vintage crockery, cut glass vases, apricot candles, casual bunches of field flowers

– crystal hair accessories, earrings, beading, soft fabrics, silk, heavy satin

– your cake could be tiered with a darker apricot iced bottom layer graduating to a pale version of your apricot on the top layer, decorated simply, or try a soft spring green for your bottom layer, soft yellow for the middle layer and white for the top layer decorated with vintage style flowers as in vintage crockery, or with apricot polka dots!

– vases in one of your colours e.g. green, stuffed to the brim with apricot, watermelon and pale yellow blossoms

– Rose covered arches, rose petal strewn paths, summery scents

– sugared almonds, scented candle, pearlised butter or pate knife as favours


Cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet from Brides, tulle underskirt from Pronovias via Brides, candle from Dusk