A pretty way to add decoration to a door, wall, chair or even fireplace at your wedding venue is to use a wreath. There are so many beautiful and different wreaths that can reflect the personality of your wedding.

Wreath from Martha Stewart Weddings, Wreath from Brides

Symbolising hope and a never ending future, the circle shape of the wreath ties in with what a wedding is all about.

Bunch flowers into florist’s foam to create easy wreaths. Flowers like carnations packed tightly have a stunning puffy look but are cost effective. Australian native flowers, berries or even fern fronds make beautiful wreaths and can be tailored to whatever is in season.

Wreath from Brides

Wreaths look great hung on the church doors, on trees around your ceremony location, on church pews, or on the back of VIP chairs.

Wreath from Brides

Hang tiny wreaths from the back of your guests’ chairs or place above each place setting with a name card to indicate where each guest is to sit. These wreaths could feature a little bird’s nest filled with sugared almonds and double as a favour.

A huge wreath featuring all white flowers, or flowers from the bride’s bouquet could be placed behind the head table.