White berries are a delicate addition to a bridal bouquet. Peeping out from amongst white or creamy roses, grey or green succulents, fern fronds, they lend a touch of the unusual.

Try using the white variety of Snowberry a native of North America, which produces a perfect round white berry on bare stems.

Australian Natives such as the Midgen Berry is beautiful in flower with its simple white blossoms with long white stamens, sitting in amongst dark green leaves. The blossoms later become sweet white berries sometimes spotted with purple. The new foliage on this shrub is pink adding yet another dimension to this amazing plant.

There are many other Australian native berries ranging from purple to red to white and lot of them are edible. Plum Satinash is one example. This tree bears purple to pinkish white berries. Perhaps your florist would be keen to help you research and source your white berries. They may even be appealing enough to you to be incorporated into your wedding breakfast – a real Aussie touch to be eating ‘bush tucker’!

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings