Milk glass was manufactured from the 1500’s to the 1900’s in England. It is an opaque glass that comes in colours of white, green, blue, pink, caramel and black. Older glass has a translucency to it when held up to the light whereas newer pieces are more opaque.

Milk glass vase from My Milk Glass Shop, Milk Glass Hobnail Pitcher from Tailfeathers Vintage

Blue milk glass was mainly made in France and is highly priced by collectors today. Characterised by patterns of flowers, molded with bumps (hobnail) or to look like lace, some of the pieces were originally sold containing mustards or preserves to entice the housewife to buy the product.

Milk Glass Butterfly Dish from Blue Bell

Other pieces have lids shaped like animals – particularly popular were barnyard animals.

Milk Glass Candy Dish from Sweet Girly Things

My favourite site for the history of milk glass, tips on collecting and to view some fine examples are Nancy’s Collectibles . View the beautiful caramel vase and sugar bowl on Nancy’s site – beautiful examples to lust for or find copies of for your new home.