A bold exuberant colour that adds a ‘fiesta’ touch to your celebrations! Try using it in these ways….

– with a deep navy as an elegant accent colour

– with hot orange, a more red coloured watermelon pink, bright green, or turquoise – or touches of all of them with hot pink as the main colour

– pure white with ‘pops’ of hot pink and bright aqua. ‘Cool’ down with white flowers, deep green foliage and the occasional hot pink stem of blooms

– structured fabrics such as thicker silks, satins, linens

– tropical green leaves, orchids, orange or hot pink roses, camellias, dahlias, gerberas, orange lilies, some hydrangeas are green with pink tipped petals

– stacked crockery in multi-colours e.g. dinner plates in hot pink, bread plates in orange, soup plates in turquoise, or plain white crockery

– silver, pewter, glass, coloured glass pebbles in vases to hold the flower stems, coloured glassware
– black wrought iron

– brightly coloured resin plates, vases

– chair backs, tables featuring fretwork (cut out designs) – multi coloured or in white

– table linen – bold stripes or florals in contrasting colours, bold embroidery and/or sequins on dresses or linen

– outdoors, on a deck, sand, lawn, coloured paper light shades, lots of candles lining pathways, up-lighting into the trees hung with Mexican or Eastern style metal lanterns

– fun music, wild dancing, not too much formality

– cute hot pink cashmere cardigans for the wedding party if cool

– bright shoes, jewelled sandals and accessories

– lollipops, candy canes, coloured sugar, bowls of limes, tangerines, persimmons, tropical dragon fruit


Bouquet from MSW, cocktail from Pronovias via Brides, Candles from Global Event Supplies, Bowls from Dinosaur Designs Flower Collection