Picture the deep red orange colour of coral. Not a bright orange, but veering towards the browner side of the orange spectrum.

This gorgeous colour could be accessorised with:

– browns of all intensities – from chocolate to mid brown to taupe, add a touch of turquoise

– greys from charcoal to pale grey

– grey greens and sage greens – think the colour of lichens, succulents

– deep olive greens, lighter olive greens

– touches of black – perhaps white or off-white, coral orange and small touches of black in dress detailing, bouquet ribbons and black berries.

– Multiple shades of the orange spectrum – from shell pink to a spicey brown pink to a pumpkin coloured orange, peach or a mustardy turmeric colour. Cool down with olive or sage green.

– Try a scheme of coral orange, turmeric ochre, and touches of rich burgundy and olive

– On a beach with the blue of the sea as your backdrop, inside in front of a glowing fire

– Real coral jewellery, faux coral accessories e.g. candle holders, coral chunks, starfish, shells

– pewter, silver, white ceramics, stainless steel

– basket ware, coloured gourds, nuts in their shells, seed pods, sunsets

autumn leaves, deep coloured berries such as privet, Crataegus (hawthorn), cotoneaster berries, succulents, grey eucalyptus leaves, burgundy coloured leaves of the smoke tree, persimmon fruit on bare branches, striped strappy leaves, twigs, pussy willow branches with their silver furry pods

– taupe coloured linen, twine, old metal tiered stands holding pomegranates, old zinc lettering

– old wooden items – spools, shoe lasts, bobbins, candlesticks

– beeswax candles

– linen, heavy satin, velvet, beading, embroidery, ruching, soft fabric details

– satin shoes, jewelled clips

– blood orange juice or sorbets, jellies, black grapes, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, smoked salmon, spicey Indian food, tapas, passionfruit, mangoes


Bridesmaids photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, earrings from SimplyWired on Etsy, bouquet from Brides, Kosta Boda bowl from Peters of Kensington