So many of us just love our coffee – from our morning cuppa to our pick me up in the afternoon or our weekend cup with our friends.

Not only does it come in its many guises of cappuccino, latte or short black for instance, but it can be flavoured with chocolate syrup for a mocha coffee, hazelnut syrup or liqueur, orange zest or even coconut liqueur.

A coffee colour, whether in its darkest, richest form or in a creamy latte colour lends an elegance to a wedding that is hard to beat. Team with brighter colours such as duck egg blue or green, or keep the palette soft and subdued with creams or whites as your accents.

Add copper elements, or just keep your reception colour scheme to pure white or cream, with sparkling glassware. Or keep the look natural with bare branches, seed pods, pine cones and some greenery.
Set up a ‘coffee table’ with a coffee machine manned by a barista. Load up the table with cream, ice creams, syrups of caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, maple and chocolate, liqueurs and spices such as cinnamon and cardamom. Print on beautiful paper some coffee recipes, so that your guests can help themselves and have fun creating their own special coffee beverage. Add sugared swizzle sticks tied with a tiny ribbon, for stirring.

Serve treats such as tiramisu, chocolate mud cake, brownies with hot chocolate sauce, flavoured ice creams, biscotti, small pots of mocha mousse – all delectable treats to serve with your coffee.

Photos from Martha Stewart Weddings