Marziplanner is a practical software program providing up to date information for couples planning their wedding. Designed in Australia, the software has won silver and bronze in wedding planning software awards and consolidates spreadsheets, lists and more into one easy to use program.

Available with a 7 day free trial, Marziplanner sets our planning tasks are set out in 13 different ‘pillars’ or chapters, in a clear and easy to use format.

From budgeting, to designing your floor and seating plan, a handy ‘gift record’ section so that you can remember who gave you that beautiful silverware, and our favourite – a ‘glory box’ which links into Itunes to create your wedding music playlist. Other features include creating your guest list and managing your RSVP’s, Marziplanner also allows you to set your budget and allocate due dates for payment.

Every time you reopen the program you’re told of this week’s appointments, tasks and budget items. Giving you a simple reminder of what to do next.

A calendar allows you to input dates of your events (including bridal shower, hen’s party, and wedding) and put in appointments with your wedding vendors which you can see with an easy glance. Reports allow you to generate reports (i.e. vendor listings) for easy printing.

When you make changes to one section the data will be updated throughout all sections. Specialty advice from bridal industry leaders is also an added bonus – who doesn’t want fresh ideas when we become stuck in the minutiae of planning?

Polka Dot Bride has five copies of Marziplanner to give away each valued at $120 each. With a total giveaway value of $AU600!

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“Who would have thought that a simple safety pin could have caused some much chaos at an otherwise well-planned wedding. It all started when the bride emerged from the white Mustang outside the church…..”

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