Depression glass is highly collectible for its translucent beauty and many uses. It was manufactured during the 1920’s to 1950’s in the USA and comes in many colours including amber, burgundy, blue and the by far the most popular – peachy pink and green. Not all glass made during the Depression was known as Depression glass. Some was known as Elegant glass.

In the USA the glass was obtained by buying soap powder and the manufacturer throwing in a free piece of glass, or movie nights where for a nickel patrons could buy a piece of glassware. After the Depression this glass was no longer valued and was discarded by many families.

Today Depression glass is found in flea markets and antique stores and is highly prized for the clear colours, patterns and even its utilitarian nature. Available in everything from butter dishes and lemon squeezers to dishes and lamps each piece if prized for its history and intrinsic beauty.

Images courtesy of K and M Antiques Store