I am really loving the beautiful organic feel of these pieces by Australian jeweler Madeleine Brown. Madeleine’s been creating jewellery for the past seven years and is inspired by patterns in nature, unusual textures and mechanical movements. The ring above is supposed to represent tree branches or flowing streams of water.

Based out of QLD, Madeleine creates beautiful pieces displayed in galleries across Australia or can create a customised piece just for you. Madeleine will meet with you to understand your needs, sketch your design and then hand make it.

I especially like reading the inspiration behind Madeleine’s pieces on her website. Like the story of Martine and Blairy who had a ring craft to look like the washer Blairy proposed with. Or the beautiful ring commissioned by Elizabeth who wanted the piece to represent the four generations of her family. Each part is layered and has secret black diamonds. Natalie and Dan even made their own rings with the help of Madeleine.

You can read more stories and see more of Madeleine’s work (and stockists) at her website.